Hi Everyone!10-05-2017 | 12:15:44 | 1 Comment

We are Otters Class and we are going to start our blog again! Keep an eye out for blogs about anything and everything!

Please comment but remember to be kind and thoughtful when you post!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Blackberry Picking10-05-2017 | 12:15:16 | 1 Comment

My mum , my sister, my brother and I were coming back from school. We saw a big blackberry bush, and because it belonged to no one we decided that we would  pick some. When Faye was picking a blackberry she got a thorn in her hand . Then my mum ,very slowly and carefully removed the thorn from Faye’s hand. At first I ate some sour blackberries ,Solomon got blackberry juice all over his hands and fingers. We  picked enough blackberries to take home and make apple and blackberry crumble.

By  Aamira

Tennis tournament10-05-2017 | 12:14:46 | 2 Comments

Me and my friends went to this amazing tennis tournament ; the year6 teacher took us , on the way there we listen to extremely loud music. The first few time we weren’t that good we kept on trying and  we actually won some games it was super fun !!!

by :Shayona

Exploring Inside A Tree10-05-2017 | 12:14:11 | 2 Comments

Once I was at a park that was near the woods were I always go to climb trees and explore trees!

I loved climbing trees so much that I explored one tree!

Inside a tree was:

  • Lots of branches,
  • Very thick branches and very slim branches,
  • Very short and long leaves,
  • Higher branches.

By the way the tree was very rough.

When I was on the tree for a little bit i decided to get down and have a rest and after a few minutes I up the tree again and explored more and had fun with some of my friends when they came into the woods and found me climbing up a tree!





Let Me Test Your Minds…29-06-2016 | 08:25:24 | 2 Comments

  1. How many months have 28 days?
  2. If a farmer has 5 hay bales on 1 farm 3 hay bales on another farm, how many hay bales would he have if he combined them?
  3. In a bungalow the doors are red the walls are red and the windows are red, what colour are the stairs?
  4. What has a head and a tail but NO body?

Darkness10-05-2016 | 07:11:46 | No Comments

You need to help me. You’re more than free. The light of the moon is fading on me. No path to take, no light to make. Where could you be?No choice to make and no time to hesitate. The light of my dream is like a beam. No time to make a wrong turn, for my life travels like a worm where as you’re wondering free! You and I were born to be!

…But you failed me.

No where to turn. It’s just like a burn, you’re wondering free.

Setting Safe Mode on youtube27-04-2016 | 20:03:41 | 1 Comment

Help setting safe mode on youtube from Internet Matters.org

Snowflake25-04-2016 | 10:24:04 | 2 Comments

The snow hit the ground hard, by now there was at least 2 feet of snow. Everyone was inside, except me, it was to cold I sprinted towards my house. The thick, heavy snow slowed me down a little bit, but I still managed to reach the house. Mum said dinner was going to be 15 minutes, so I went toy bedroom where I found Kayla (my older sister). I opened the window to let some fresh air in. Suddenly, a snowflake fluttered gracefully onto my windowsill, it then showed its patter, it  didn’t melt because it was to cold. The pattern looked familiar. I was silent. I was thinking. Hard. Kayla asked me what was wrong. I didn’t answer. I stayed silent…

The Diamond Ring…25-04-2016 | 10:23:19 | 2 Comments

He ran, ran as fast as he could. He bolted to the museum in Central London. Police wee patrolling the area, but they couldn’t find him. It was 01:17am in London everyone was fast asleep. Only street lights were I , the big moon was shining bright, it was full moon, the stars twinkled over the city. The thief is known as Jake Henry Wealseton. He arrived in the museum, managed to dodge all the lasers and spotted the rare Diamond Ring. And with that, he snatched the ring and sprinted into the city and avoided the police…

When i first meet Jess b11-04-2016 | 12:52:16 | 3 Comments

I when I first meet Jess we were in prisschool  it was so shocking ever since Jess and I were friends she counted on me

Being friends with Jess makes me be somebody but with out Jess I am no one! When we was in prisschool in was the best time ever special with Jess b.

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